The Generation of Courage. Ukraine. 25 years.. UA Vivat



The book The Generation of Courage. Ukraine. 25 years of Independence by Andriy Kokotukha is the best unconventional method how to get closer to the Ukrainian history. It is a perfect match for those ones who are unwilling to perceive plain facts from countless history textbooks or who is willing to take a look at it from a different perspective or discover new stories and personalities contributing a lot to the development of the independent Ukrainian state. Each chapter is designed in Andriys original and unique style, which is quite familiar for the regular readers of his novels and publications. The Generation of Courage is a distinctive writers attempt to put particular emphases on our history, since there are a plethora of blind spots in the scientific discussions and researches that could astonish everyone with their innovativeness become the sources for further researches of students, postgraduates and young historic scientists.The innovative name of the book and each chapter, such as Soros Foundation. The First Grant-Eaters, Ukraine the reason of USSR Dissolution, Homosexuality is not a crime, intrigues and makes us read non-stop chapter after chapter. Andriy Kokotukha shares with his readers refreshing and clear viewpoint on the events of the Revolution of Dignity and worsening situation on the East of Ukraine, which will definitely reflect the soul of each conscious reader with Ukrainian spirit. The edition is rich in extraordinary rubrics such as The Querist Thing of the Year and so on in such way, which only makes the book more atypical and potentially magnetic for reader. The top level of printing and high quality of publishing must be mentioned as well.In general context, this book is a must-pick for everyone who is preparing to build flourishing country with conscious and intelligent people as well as all our neighbors and friends who are deepening their knowledges in the history of thorny path of the Ukrainian sovereignty.

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